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Learn to play Piano, Cello, Guitar, Bass or Drums with John Nieto

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John Nieto is a dedicated professional and an independent music instructor with over 20 years teaching and performing experience.

John is very versatile and has studied classical guitar and piano as well as most other popular styles of music. John has toured and recorded with rock, blues, jazz and country bands in the past and has taught thousands of students in various styles. You will achieve your musical goals under John's instruction (quick results guaranteed)

Teaching Style:

No gimmicks, just practical proven technique and a traditional method used in my teaching style. I instill a firm knowledge of theory and technique in each lesson.

I love to teach and to help a student in the process of learning to play a musical instrument. It takes patients, determination and an understanding instructor to see you through the rough spots. That's where I come into the picture. Allow me to mentor and to guide you through the world of music with a complete method of theory and technique.

If you are passionate about learning, call today and be playing an instrument tomorrow.

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